Thursday, September 2, 2010

Conspiracy Theory: Bed Bugs are The WPA of the Oh-Teens. Roosevelt Would Be Proud

Right now 1 in 10 New Yorkers is infested.  It won't be long before that number rises to 4 out of 5.  Are we going to sit back and endure?  No.  We're going to, like me, spend our way through it.  Corporations are, like Abercrombie, Barneys, AMC Theaters, and Victoria's Secret, going to spend their way through it. If this recession ever needed a kick in the a**, Cimex Lectularius is it.

Let's hit the back of the envelope: There are 8,000,000 people living in New York City. Currently 800,000 are infested. In five years (in 2015), 6,400,000 will be infested (assuming steady state population - may as well: There won't be any place to escape the scourge).  Assume 25% of people actually do something about it annually, and spend ~$250 that year (a safe estimate, given my one-day spree that quadrupled that number), and you're looking at the following minimum annual revenue opportunity for bed bug eradication services and supplies in New York City alone over the next 5 years.  The numbers are simply staggering:

Year       Minimum Annual BB Revenue Opportunity
 2010       $                                             50,000,000
 2011       $                                           120,000,000
 2012       $                                           190,000,000
 2013       $                                           260,000,000
 2014       $                                           330,000,000
 2015       $                                           400,000,000 

Hooray! Think of the job creation!  Anybody want to start a business with me? Mech.

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  1. Mech,

    You are so right on the number! We need to talk because this is not going away any time